People intrigue me. By using statcounter to view how people find my site, I am able to glimpse into their strange psyches and be more intrigued, I guess. It's not like I will ever be able to figure one of these human-things out or anything like that. With that said, here is a compilation of some of the weirdest search strings I have ever seen used to lead a surfer to my website. If you got to this page looking for one of these strings, you are a really weird one.

Chicago, Illinois - "chia pug"

London, England - "hippo singing the thong song"

New York, New York - "pugs not drugs"

Willimantic, Connecticut - "PANTY PUNISHMENT"

Tempe, Arizona - "butt pictures"

Manassas, Virginia - "midgets butt"

Storm Lake, Iowa - "achondroplasia in dogs"
Storm Lake, Iowa - "achondroplasia AND dogs"

Baltimore, Maryland - "tammy smyrna pet groomer"

Atlanta, Georgia - "WOMAN POOPING"

Mexico - ""

Reston, Virginia - "dog wart anal gland"

Manassas, Virginia - "eyeball licking"

Phoenix, Arizona - "eyeball lick"

Singapore - "blog jon peter lewis"

Lincoln, Nebraska - "if two midgets have a baby will they baby be a midget too"

United Kingdom - "that's an interesting outfit"

Charlotte, NC - "weirdest website ever"

Saint Cloud, MN - "getting spankings on the butt pictures"

Washington DC - "Pug pee pot"

Brooklyn, New York - "Dingle Berries on Butt"

Ottawa, Kansas - "butt muncher"
Kahuku, Hawaii - "butt muncher"

Aplaus, New York - "stupid puggle dog"

Vanceburg, Kentucky - "frankendog picture"

Naples, Florida - "Top 10 Most Evil People"

USA - "bellingrath pugs"

Visalia, California - "peeing midgets"
Auckland, New Zealand - "peeing midgets"

Norway - "want to lick your eyeball" and "licking your eyeball"

Tucson, Arizona - "dog anti-depressants"

Alberta, Canada - "spaghetti eating Pug"

Plano, Texas - "Why did my cousin lick me on my face?"

Brussels, Belgium - "LOVE LOOSER melana"
France - "Love looser Melana"

Switzerland - "darkroom gay har"

Philippines - "steps in doing lay up"

Chesapeake, Virginia - "I love the ladies The l"

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