This is the Top 10 List of Evil Things I have Done. Note that this list will change as time goes on, because I get more and more evil with each passing moment. If you remember something evil I did that should be on this list, email it to me. I am getting old (3 years old in March), and my memory is going.

10 - Tripped Ian and tried to go for the jugular. Good thing for him he's quick!

9 - Bit a little boy on the lip while "playing" with him.

8 - Do the Devil Dog Spin every morning when I am locked in my room.

7 - Peed on the couch when the People were testing to see if I could be trusted.

6 - Tore up the door of the bathroom at the Jacobi's house.

5 - Chewed up precious memorabilia from a play the Rayl family was in.

4 - Peed on Tammy's computer bag countless times!

3 - Barked at Tammy until she cried, and then barked some more.

2 - Squatted and peed on the newspaper while Ian was reading it.

1 - Tore up $150 worth of linoleum flooring in the kitchen.

Following is a list of evil things I have done that didn't make the Top 10 List, but still deserve to be mentioned:

Brainwashed Alli's sister into calling me Diddle.

Pee on every vertical surface in Mr. Chris's apartment.

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