Hooray! I'm four! And I loved this carrot cake. I don't have lips, so Tammy had to blow out my candles. Tammy has a pink fuzzy scarf. Chewbie would be jealous of it.
The endangered Pugasauras Rex courtesy of Ian's cool new camera phone. Man, this sweater is going to be extinct if Tammy ever accidentally leaves me alone with it!
Give me some sugar. You know I'm too cute to resist!
It's hard to be humble. I mean seriously - look at the majesty!
Attention Human Ladies!! You missed your chance with Mr. Chris, as he was recently wed in May 2007. Bummer for all of you. Now you have to settle for a less cool husband.
Tammy is kind of crazy. She made everyone sing the Happy Birthday song to me on my Birthday. One day I will get to visit her in the Looney Bin.
This is me just hanging out - tongue and all! I get overheated very quickly, even if it is cool outside, because I have no snout.
When I don't want to hear what the people are telling me to do, I just turn my head and pretend to be interested in something else - I am a sneaky little bugger! The people, on the other hand, cannot pretend to not hear me when I want something from them, because I jump in the face until they submit to me! The people could learn a few things from me, that's for sure!
I love bath time! Bubbles are yummy! They are probably non-toxic but could be the fuel for my bad behaviour.

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