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Hello 2006! I hope you're happy to see me, because it's good to see you. Actually, it's not really that good to see you. I'm a dog. I don't really care what year it is. I care about March, because that's when I get Birthday presents, and December, because that's when I get Christmas presents, but it's January now, and that means no presents. As a matter of fact, Tammy said we have to take down the Christmas tree this weekend, and that means it will be dropping no more presents from its fruitful branches. Bah! Humpug!

I hope you all had a better New Year's Eve than I did. Although Mr. Chris, The Chewb and Hey Brother came up to visit from Atlanta, I did NOT get to go to the gammy's house for fondu, because the gammy did not want three extra dogs in her house. So, the three "dogs" had to spend the evening locked up in the bonus room. It was a lame time. The People didn't even leave us a toy to fight over. I hope March comes quickly, because I need a present to cheer me up...

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