Happy Two Year Birthday, Blog! Sorry I have been ignoring you lately, but life has been chaotic.

The Elephant People moved out of the apartment above us, and we had almost TWO whole WEEKS of silence from above! Then one fateful Thursday afternoon it happened - our sweet silence interrupted with STOMP, STOMP, STOMP. Crap! - someone new is moving in above us. Well, maybe it is a nice single girl that works a lot and is never home, or when she is home, she just bakes cookies all day and gives them to the downstairs neighbor dog. Moving is really noisy, so maybe it will subside? The Apartment Manager knows the difficulties the People have endured with loud neighbors, and she would never move someone in above us that has the obvious potential to drive Tammy mad, right? ... Tammy peeks out the peephole, but she can't see who is moving in above us. She camps the peephole for a while, but still can't catch a glimpse of the new neighbors. We finally go outside for a potty break and to try and meet the new neighbors ... Holy crap ... How many of them are there? How old are they? Is that TWO toddlers? Nice ... A group of teenagers with two babies taking the remnants of a new big screen TV box to the trash. Tammy tries to say Hello, but they are far too cool to talk to her. Lucky for us, we were on our way to Mr. Chris's for a long weekend and did not have to spend the night at the apartment. Tammy hoped it would give the new tenants time to unpack, get things put in place and stop stomping around like idiots. That was Thursday. We returned on Wednesday night. 5 seconds after we walked in the door, the stomping began ... Then the TV, and finally the music. Tammy endured it until 12am, and then Ian went upstairs to ask them to quiet down. When he came back downstairs, they began jumping up and down in defiance. We left, never to return again. Now we live at Gammies. The People turned in their 30 days notice citing the reasons we were moving out, but the Apartment Manager did not care. Luxury Apartments? Yeah, right. Eastwood Village Apartments in Asheville, North Carolina are slumsville. Don't ever move in there.

We're on our way to Mr. Chris's again today for a 10 day stay! I am very excited! I'll let you know how it goes ...

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