Happy One Year Anniversary, Blog! You have been so good to me! I hope to keep you around for many more years to come, or until the People stop paying for my website hosting.

We didn't do much this weekend. The People rented the movie, "Hidalgo." It was a good movie. It reminded me of the time Tammy rode me across the Arabian desert, and against all odds, we not only finished the race, but also one the prize. It was a 6 pack of Snickers and some Milk Bone dog biscuits. The prize in the movie was much better, and Tammy did not have a Colt pistol to give to her new friend, the Sheik. She just gave him a noogie instead.

Today is Derek's Birthday, and since he came to my birthday party and brought me a really cool present (Monkey Mohn) I figured I could at least extend a hearty, "Happy Birthday" to him on my website. So, Happy Birthday, Derek! I hope you're not too old now to humor Tammy and come to doggy birthday parties ... Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to Derek's nephew too, whatever your name is kid.

I met a lady dog last night who thought she was the Caboose! I am the one and only Caboose, but she insisted on challenging me for the position! I eventually won, because I am more persistent than anyone I have ever met! Interestingly, she is the dog that scared the crap out of me a couple weeks ago with her manly bark and left poop bombs throughout the yard. She is a stray dog, although the neighbors across the street feed her, take her to the Vet, put a collar on her, named her Molly and taught her tricks. I guess I'm a stray dog too then! I wish I could roam the neighborhood...

Today is the first day of Fall, and although it was still pretty hot outside, the desaturated 70's-film-looking lighting outside was a perfect setting for its arrival. I hope it starts to cool off quickly, because I am tired of being hot.

We went for a walk last night and saw huge piles of yard refuse from Hurricane Ivan at the edge of most peoples' yards, awaiting trash pick up day. The People were very excited about all the wood they saw, as they enjoy fires during the colder months. They didn't take any of the wood though, because it looked really heavy. Someone came to our house today to cut up our Hurricane stricken trees, so maybe the People will get to burn that wood. I like to tan my hide by the fireside!

I am the Caboose. I earned this new knickname over the Hurricane Ivan Holiday, because I like to be at the end of the animal "train," be it the dog or kitty train, or probably any other kind of animal train for that matter. I like butts. I got in trouble a lot for being the caboose in my kitty escapades. According to Tammy, kitty butts are "yuck-yuck." I must disagree. I find them quite pleasing, and the kitty didn't mind all that much either. She had been meaning to clean that part of herself for some time but lacked the flexibility required. I was just providing her a service in which I took great pleasure - kind of like the employed Software Engineer that loves to write code.

The first couple of days in Asheville, the kitty hid in the bedroom, because she thought I might eat her. Finally, she decided to try her luck since she missed all the attention she gets from her People, and she came out of hiding. It didn't take her long to figure out that I'm not your average dog. I love to play, and she is a living, breathing squeaker toy! We romped and chased each other, but mostly I just bathed her. She tastes like nothing I've ever tasted before. Maybe I will eat her after all...

On the way back from Asheville, we met the Aunt Tia and Uncle Edward at a restaurant for lunch. The People were afraid I would die in the car, so I got to go into the restaurant. OK, so they ate outside on the deck, but it was still on the restaurant property. Anyway, I got loose at one point, and I was running around like a maniac trying to get the other customers to give me some food! It was funny. I was drugged on my sleepy pills, so I was a little dazed, but that added to the humor of the event. I did not get any food. That was lame.

The Hurricane Ivan has come and gone, and Mobile is still on the map. That is, if anyone recognized Mobile as being on the map to start with. I guess Mobile is still on the map if anyone is looking for it, which they aren't, because it sucks. Maybe people in like Mississippi might be looking for it on the map ... to mock it!

We drove all the way to Asheville, North Carolina on Tuesday. The traffic was very bad on I-65. It took us 6 1/2 hours to get to Montgomery. It usually takes only 2 1/2 hours. My sleepy pills wore off before we got to Asheville, because we were driving so long. The bad part of the Hurricane missed Mobile, but it followed us up to Asheville. A lot of people were without power, and there was a lot of flooding, and some people were even killed. We were, however, safe at the Gammy's house, and we never even lost power!

The Gammy's house now has a cat! I LOVE this cat. We have a lot in common. It has a lot of names, I have a lot of names. It is really pretty, I am really pretty. It has an evil streak, I have an evil streak. In fact, this cat is soooo devious that it brainwashed Michael Rayl into thinking it is cute and sweet and petting it. And, it poops in Gammy's bathroom sink and everyone STILL loves it! If I ever pooped in Gammy's sink, I would not be allowed one paw back in the house! I admire this cat. She lets me lick her head. I am very good at licking, and now I have found my special purpose - to lick kitties...

I will have more about the visit to Gammy's in future entries. I need to catch up on my beauty rest, but I wanted to let everyone know that Mobile is still on the map ... for you to mock ...

It looks like we are fixin' to get hit by a hurricane. Hurricane Ivan is currently a category 5 - the strongest rating on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. I have been doing a lot of web surfing today if you haven't noticed. It's a little too early to tell exactly where it will hit, but the projections are from Louisiana to the panhandle of Florida. The People are planning on leaving tomorrow night if Mobile ends up a likely target at that time. They aren't interested in seeing if the roof of our old, dilapidated house will withstand hurricane force winds.

The People had their first Art Show of the Fall season this weekend, and it went very bad. It was very hot outside, but I wouldn't know, because I was cooped up in the house all day while they gallivanted around an Art Show! Anyway, it was hot, and people were worried about the hurricane, so no one was really thinking about decorating the walls of their house that might be blown away this week! The People are not fans of Ivan - he's bad for business. On an up-note, they did win the "Award of Distinction" in photography/graphics/drawing. This is their first award at an outdoor Art Show, so they were pretty pleased. Hopefully "distinct" is intended to have a positive meaning, and not a negative connotation, like if a guy tells a girl, "That's an interesting outfit."

I don't ever get any emails from my fans, except Mr. Chris, but I do use statcounter which shows me how people found my site. From this info, I am able to guess what questions some of you may have about Pug dogs, evil deeds, or other queries about life. A web surfer in Connecticutt (that is a weird name for a state - I mean, really - what is that extra 'c' for?) found my site using the MSN search engine and the string "Pug dog smells". So, Connecticuttian, I guess you have a Pug that gives off a stinky odor, and you are looking for someone to tell you why. Well, I know first-hand that Pugs emit a lot of stinky odors, but the one that would drive a person to actually seek help has got to be the infamous "Fishy Butthole" stank. Does your Pug's butt reek like rank fish? I know mine does sometimes. What could cause this horrific odor? Our trusty former Veterinarian hopeful, Michael Rayl, says that dogs need their anal glands "expressed" every now and then to get all the potentially smelly junk out of them. He recommends taking your dog to the Vet or the Groomer and specifically requesting this service. He doesn't recommend trying this on your own, because it is not a fun (or clean) job. Caution - Stay out of the soak zone! (I love the look on that rhino's face! So Pugesque!) BTW - I'm sure Michael Rayl is over-excited to see his name on the Internet associated with such a pleasant topic.

On another note, there is a stray dog hanging around in my yard. Actually, it's not just hanging around, but also sleeping under Ian's truck and planting poop bombs throughout the yard for Tammy to step in. I think it may be a no twigs, no berries kind of dog, but I haven't been able to get that close. It barked at me, and I ran like a girlie girl. Why did I just type that? Oh well. It's out there now. That dog has a deep, startling bark, and I reacted like any other small dog bred for royalty would react. Tammy laughed a lot at me. I hope she activates a poop bomb...

I am a very handsome boy, or so says my Doctor. Tammy finally took me to get my shots updated today. I thought I was going to die of heartworm or rabies or whatever you get when you don't have a bordatella shot. The bill was hefty, as always, but I don't eat much, so I don't want to hear any lip from The People. The Nurse was amazed by how "fit" I am. She said I am their most fit Pug client. Tammy told her I am cut like a gay dog. I'm not gay though - just cut that way, which isn't bad, because I am sexy. Hopefully the Nurse found the comparison amusing and not offensive; otherwise, the medicine Tammy is putting in my ears may actually be gasolene or something.

I used to get ProHeart6 injections for my heartworm medicine. It's just one shot twice a year - quite convenient for lazy people such as mine. The shot hasn't been out long - maybe a year or so. The Doctor talked Tammy into it way back when, even though Mr. Chris didn't trust it. It hadn't been out long and he had heard bad things about similar trial drugs. Well, Tammy is easily swayed, so I got poked, several times. Today Tammy finds out that the drug manufacturer "voluntarily" recalled it from the market. That's nice. It is so bad for me that the company didn't even wait for a law suit, but pulled it from the shelf on their own. No wonder I am growing that fifth leg. Maybe I can donate it to Lil' Brudder. *sniff* He's such a trooper! *sniff* So anyway, Mr. Chris was right and Tammy was wrong. She really hates it when that happens.

Tammy was sick a lot last week, and Ian was out of town again. Before he left, Ian told me that I had to be nice to Tammy while he was gone, because she didn't feel good. So, we laid around on the couch all week, watching Judge shows and sleeping. It was a good week. I also got to sleep in the bed again, and it was a much better experience than last time. I didn't lick myself or switch positions a lot, so Tammy and I got along much better. When Ian came home, it was back to the pee bed for me. I pee on my bed. I'm not sure why. I just do. I guess it has something to do with my hormone levels and my need to own things.

The People were in the darkroom most of the weekend. They apparently have a show this weekend. They have had three months off from shows, and wouldn't you know they'd be rushing around at the last minute to get ready for this one. The People are procrastinators. I'm glad I don't have much to do in my life, because I would probably be a procrastinator too, and then I couldn't talk bad about them. As it is, my life is full of nothingness.

Tammy has been putting balm on my chapped skanky nose. Mr. Chris will be pleased the next time he see me. He doesn't appreciate the yuck-itude of my chapped nose.

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