Gammy and Allie's sister made it in safely last night. The people have finally found out my deep dark secret that I am not a good guard dog. Gammy got here at like 1:30am and the people were asleep, and I was too tired to bark at her, so I just stood there and waited for her to go away or steal something, and the people were quite disappointed that I did not warn them of Gammy's presence. I am a Pug, not a Doberman for goodness' sake. What more can they expect of me? I need my beauty sleep.

So tonight Gammy and Allie's sister had a party for a product they sell, and Tammy and Ian took me to PetSmart to play with some other dogs so I wouldn't "bother" the party guests. It was a good time. I smelled lots of dogs and got a lot of kisses. I met a petite Pomeranian and a couple of hyper Jack Russell Terriers. Man, I thought I was a hyper dog! I was very tired when I left. Tammy and Ian went shopping afterward and left me in the car a lot. It was cool outside, but I still whined, because it seemed like the thing to do. I must maximize my evil in all situations.

The people have been spending way too much time in the "dark room" these past couple of weeks. It is worse than when Tammy is baking, because at least then I get a lick or two of icing every now and then (which incidentally is my favorite food - especially the blue icing). But seriously, I am getting really annoyed. I just lay there and sleep most of the time. Sometimes I lick myself, but Ian gets annoyed, so I try to stop, but I just taste so good! I have an OCD, so what can I do? I really like to be clean, and since they only bathe me once a month, I have to take matters into my own hands, or tongue, or whatever... Anyway, the people are apparently getting ready for an Art Show which I am sure I will not be allowed to attend. I never get to go anywhere. They seem to be excited though, so I have been being a good boy for their sake. They owe me big time.

My Gammy is supposed to be coming tonight, but Allie is not coming with her. Allie's sister is coming, but she doesn't like me much, so that's not all that great of news. I miss Allie.

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