I got my first piece of hate mail from a puggle lover, and she has a POTTY mouth! I would expect someone with such a nasty vocabulary to prefer puggles over the REAL thing. (I like to push her buttons) All I have to say is, "Get over it!" I have the right to free speech like everyone else. I can voice my opinion, and if you don't like it, too friggin' bad! One word of advice to you Ms. K.C. - don't use your company email address to send rude email. It doesn't reflect well on the company, and I'm sure an employee of your caliber wants to represent the company to the best of her abilities. Pugs rule!

I was also accused of being a Republican. First of all, I am a dog. I do not care who your human politicians may be, as long as the People rub my butt, feed my belly and satisfy my fetch desires. Secondly, my whole perspective on the hatred of puggles is to preserve the pure Pug species. Just as liberals are environmental-loving, species-saving tree huggers, I am a pug hugger. So, if I did give a crap about human politics, I doubt I would sway to the right. Or is it the left? I don't know, because I don't care. I'm a dog!

A couple months ago, some really rude website attached a nasty dll or something to Tammy's installation of Internet Explorer that caused pop-up ads to plague me while surfing the web. I don't know what kind of trash sites she visits that would allow this to happen, but it happened, so there. Anyway, she tried Ad-Aware and Spybot and ran a virus checker, etc ... etc ... but she couldn't get rid of the pop-up ads. These aren't the kind of pop-up ads that can be controlled by a pop-up blocker either - they're pugglish pop-up ads, which are the worst kind of anything you can get. The IT guys at her work said the last resort was to re-image her PC. That seriously ticked her off. Instead, she decided to see if Mozilla had the same problem. It didn't, so she switched from the EVIL Microsoft browser to the sweet and fluffy free Mozilla browser. This made me happy, because Bill Gates is "The Man" of the software world. I don't mean, "The Man" like - you're The Man in a good way, but more like in a Kill Whitie kind of way. (I can't wait to see how many hits I get for that one.) Microsoft is to software as puggles are to the doggie community. Anyway, today someone from Tammy's work told her about BHODemon, which is free "helper" software that apparently "guards" IE for you. The pop-up ads seem to have gone away, but I'll keep you posted. I still recommend Mozilla, just because ...

On another note, Ian sent me another link to a pretty cool and acceptable puggle. According to Ian and confirmed by the trusty Internet, a puggle is a baby hedgehog (or Echidna if you are wanting to be fancy pants about it).

Thanks to Mr. Chris for the, dare I say, pretty cool Puggle specimen. If this "scuttling little mound of warts" is the Puggle all you crazy people are looking for, then I'm OK with it. This guy is pretty cool. However, if you are looking for that pug/beagle mix mutt of a dog, I still don't like you, so go away. I am tired of constantly complaining about the puggle hits, so I will stop now. You may have worn me down all you puggle lovers, but the link at the top of this page will forever serve as a reminder of how much I hate you. OK, maybe not forever - I get bored pretty quickly.

So far I have got no hits for "dog anti-depressants", but it's probably because the web crawlers for the search engines haven't found this updated page yet. I'll keep you informed.

I did get a hit from someone in Illinois looking for, you guessed it, puggle dog. However, he stayed on my site for over 20 minutes, so maybe I was able to convert him in that time. I'm sure he can't be so obsessed with puggle dogs that he spent that much time combing through my site looking for more detailed info on the mutant creatures. I say "he", because I can't bring myself to believe that a woman would fall for a puggle.

Here's something that causes me to need a "dog anti-depressant" - of my last 30 hits from search engines, TWENTY NINE came from people looking for puggle info. What is wrong with these people? Who in their right mind would prefer a mixed mutt over the real thing? It's like people who prefer those imitation Oreos over the real thing! What are those called, Hydrox or something? I don't know, because the People don't let me have those cookies. That's another rant for another day that also requires me to need "dog anti-depressants".

Let's talk about some real "dog anti-depressants" that might help me out. There is nothing out there like "puppy paxil" or "doggy lexapro" (at least that I am aware of), but there are things out there that act as natural anti-depressants for dogs everywhere. Here are a few; a nap on the couch with a favorite human, a run on the beach, a ride in the convertible, a visit to a friend's house who you haven't seen in a long time, a visit from a friend who lives far away (like Atlanta or Asheville), a Birthday party, a pat on the head from someone who generally gives you crap just because you breathe heavy or like to lick yourself a lot, a bite off the Peoples' plate (straight from the plate, none of this dropped on the floor crap), a walk to check your pee-mail, a game of goosey butt, taking out the trash and being chased around with the new trash bag, a nice long game of tug. Tammy could probably make me a weird song out of these things, but I can't, so just know that these are a few of my favorite things. I hope that if you are looking for cheering up or to cheer up your dog, you can find something here to help you out - unless the dog in question is a puggle. In which case, get off my site and forget everything you read here - except the bit about how puggles are stupid.

Man, I was friggin' lazy last month. This month isn't looking any better either. I have been kind of good lately. Tammy says I have grey in my beard - maybe I'm getting old, or maybe the evil is leaking out my chin in the form of grey hairs. I'm not sure what's up with me. I've just been in a funk. Maybe I need some doggy Paxil or Prozac. You won't believe the number of hits this site is going to receive now for "dog anti-depressants"! I can't wait to count the crazies! Speaking of hits, maybe I'm just depressed because the only hits I ever get anymore are people looking for Puggles. If you are a Puggle lover, get off my website. I don't like you. Yeah, I'm harsh, but this isn't an Equal Opportunity website, so there's nothing you can do about it!

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