Happy belated Birthdays to Uncle Trevor and the Whitola (previously known as Alli's sister). I hope you both got Lady Pugs for your special day.

In previous entries, I mention how Tammy has a million and one knicknames for me. I realized the other day that this might not be the case. I was out in the yard doing my business, and she yelled, "Boo-Diddle," and then she yelled, "Norman," as if calling another dog to come into the house. I think she might actually have a herd of imaginary dogs living in her head that she talks to like they are real, and apparently they go potty outside. I hope they are all Lady Pugs, but they are probably just Frenchies ... What other kind of dog would be named, "Fruit Loop Face" than a Frenchy? Yes, she has actually named one of her imaginery dogs Fruit Loop Face. The crazy saga goes on ...

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I have been busy.

I got my teeth brushed for the first time ever, and I am a little concerned about the net carbs in the toothpaste. I need to watch my weight so I stay trim for the ladies, and I think this low-carb thing is the way to go, particularly since the people mock the whole low-carb lifestyle. They're funny. Anyway, I think people (or Pugs) concerned about the net carbs in toothpaste should start brushing their teeth with something more Atkins friendly, like Cheese Whiz! That is a good idea. I could make millions! The low-carb toothpaste! Don't let those nasty, ugly carbs sneak into your mouth when you least expect it!

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