I should have known to keep my pughole shut about the daily walks! Do you think I got to go on a walk last night? No, no I did not. I did not get to check my pee-mail, and I am ticked off. I had better get to go on a walk tonight or there is going to be some trouble in our house!

I am so glad Tammy's birthday is finally over. Pugs just aren't made for being good for that long. I thought it was never going to end! I don't remember my birthday being that long. I think I deserve a do-over!

Today is Tammy's Birthday. For her birthday present, I did not try to escape from the yard this morning, and I let her go to lunch with Ian instead of watch the Passions show with me. I am a nice dog. She did throw me a party for my birthday, so it is really the least I can do. Maybe I will not tug on the leash tonight on our walk. Nah ... That's too expensive a present.

For the past week, the People have been taking me for a walk every day when they get home from work. I haven't mentioned it, because I was afraid it was just some kind of fluke or something, and I did not want to take the chance of jinxing it. Anyway, we take different routes through different parts of the neighborhood everyday, and I get to send and receive pee mail from all kinds of new friends! Last night we were walking past a house with a Beagle in the front yard (you know Beagles, they are the illegitimate half of the oh-so popular puggle dog which I hate), and this dog was trying to fight me. He was acting like he was just soooo tough and threatening me to stay out of HIS neighborhood. He was talking trash about Pugs being the illegitimate half of the puggle dog! I can understand his hatred of the puggle, but Pugs are the half of the puggle that make the puggle so popular! Anyway, when Tammy is with me I am tougher than the average dog, because she comes in kicking when I'm in trouble (and usually scoops me up and runs away), so I walked right up on his lawn and left him a nasty message on his mail box! Tammy and I yelled FACE as we ran away! Stupid Beagle ...

There was quite a bit of drama in our house this weekend as Tammy decided she needed her hair cut and Ian was the one to do it. I really don't want to re-live the ugly details, but let's just say it wasn't pretty. She ended up going somewhere and coming back with even shorter hair ~ maybe she went to the PetSmart for some grooming.

So this morning while I was outside taking care of business, Tammy was staring off into space thinking about badness knows what ~ I'm sure it was pug related though. When she finally came to, she didn't see me in the yard, and she started yelling for me, but I was busy in the bushes, so I didn't come to her. She freaked out and went running down the road yelling for me, thinking I had run away (again). So when I finished my job in the bushes, I went into the house to wait for her. She finally came running back into the house to tell Ian that I had escaped when Ian told her I was in the house. She was very relieved to see me wagging my cute little tail at her. I love it when she thinks I ran away and/or could have been killed, because I can get away with anything I want for a little while! It is super great. I should pretend to run away more often.

I see someone found my site via the search string "what is there fun to do in Mobile." Well, let me tell you, there are a lot of fun things you can do in Mobile! You can throw the squeaker, pull the tug, rub my butt, take me for a walk, sing me a song, ... the list goes on and on.

I know it has been a long time since I made an entry, but I have just been lethargic lately. I think it's because it hasn't rained here in a while, and all the plants are dying and making me depressed. I try to water the plants as much as I can, but a Pug's only got so much pee.

The People went to Gainesville without me this weekend. Mr. Chris came down Friday night, but I was alone for a really long time before he got here, and I almost died of loneliness. I am a social Pug, and I need me some socializing! I spent some time with the Chewb and Mr. Chris and had some fun peeing on everything on the porch and in my room, but I really missed the People. When they finally came home yesterday I went crazy, because I was sooooo excited to see them! I hope they don't leave me alone again for a really long time or never again would be better!

So here I am, in the stupid darkroom again. Tammy made me a little make-shift nest so I can take a nap. I wish we were laying on the couch watching "Muppet Treasure Island" on the WB instead. At least I have Chewbie and Mr. Chris's visit to look forward to this weekend. And The Other People will be gone, so I will have Chris and the Chewb all to myself! I will be careful not to look too sexy, because Tammy has been warning me against looking too sexy lately. She says it is especially important if I run away not to be looking too sexy, or at least carry around a $20 bill with me. It's not like we're in Thailand or anything.

This place has been Dullsville lately. I want action! Mr. Chris and the Chewb are supposed to come down the weekend after next while the People are in Gainesville at an Art Show. That should be exciting. Apparently Chewbie got some kind of rash when she was down here last time, and Chris is threatening to shave her. That would be cool ~ bald-naked Chewbie!! She will have to streak the neighborhood, because that is what "bald-naked" people have to do, or so I've heard.

So yesterday I got me a free tag board for my website and put it up. It was cool! However, it is not cool that the tag board was generating pop-up ads on my site! ARGH! I took it down, because no one gets free Pug space! Death to the Pop-Up ads!!!

I was really bummed that no one took me up on that breaking into the house offer I made last week. The People were at their Art Show for a really long time, and I could have used the excitement. They didn't do very well at the show either, but they didn't expect to, because it was a rinky dink little joke of a show. You might be wondering why they even did the show if that is their outlook on it, and all I can say is that they are just crazy people and are probably just saying that to make themselves feel better for not having a good show. They call me "evil" to mask their failure as Pug owners sometimes too. It makes them feel better. Nevermind how it makes me feel ... I'm not a real dog ... I don't have real feelings ... I'm sad that I'm blogging.

My party went super great, and Tammy did not even try to make me wear a hat! It has taken me a while to blog my party fun, because it really tired me out! Chris and the Chewb did make it to my party, but they did not bring me a gift. I'm not sure what that is all about. It's not like their presence was presents enough. OK, maybe I'm being a little hard on them. Chewbie was a little bit disappointed that there were no hats. She particularly likes "pink" hats. I did get a birthday cake. No, it wasn't a dog food cake - it was a yummy cake from the Pollman's Bakery. I shared my piece with Chewbie, but only because she was making a scene about not getting her own piece. That girl is high maintenance! I will have some pictures from my party up soon. They need to be retouched, and since Ian is the only one with PhotoShop, I have to wait for him to find time to do it.

I got lots of great presents! My favourite present is Monkey Mon (he's Jamaican). Derek gave him to me. He is a tug, fetch and squeaker toy all in one! I also got a giant raw hide, some yummy treats and a ball! I met two new ladies at my party - Chloe and Hayley. Hayley is a wild woman. She wanted me to chase her around the yard all night long! I couldn't hang with her though. Tammy says she lives close to us, so I will get to play with her again. I need to build up some stamina so I don't embarrass myself. I thought I got a little boy for my Birthday, but it turned out he was just a guest. Man, I want a little boy!

I wish my Birthday came around more often. It's crazy what you can get away with just because it's your Birthday! Ian was yelling about something and I was like, "I'm the Birthday Pug," and he actually stopped the yelling! It didn't work the next day though ... bummer ... The People say I age 7 times faster than humans, so I think I should have 7 Birthdays per year! That would be more fair! "Fair" is a weird word. How can one word mean so many things - pale, reasonable, carnival-type thingy. Pug language is so much easier to keep track of!

The People have an Art Show this weekend in Pensacola at the University of West Florida, so I will be all alone. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by. I'm sure the house is pretty easy to break into. I will show you where they hide the "valuables."

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