The latest name Tammy has bestowed upon me is Nu-Nu (pronounced new new). She claims to be searching for my "real" name that will keep me from being so evil. She thinks the reason I am so bad is that she hasn't found my real name yet. Well let me tell you woman, it ain't Nu-Nu! Actually, my real name to keep me from being evil can't be spoken in human tongue. It is a series of Pug snorts, slurps and whines, so face.

I hope you all had a very nice Christmas! I sure did! I got a new ducky toy, a chewgar (which is a cigar for dogs), and some greenie treats which are super duper! I don't usually pay much attention to chew treats, but greenies are awesome! It usually takes me over a year to finish off a raw hide or pig ear (and that's with help from the Chewb), but I tore through a greenie in one sitting. I highly recommend them. I also got a fried shrimp. It was so good! Sadly though, it did not snow here for Christmas this year. It has been surprisingly warm all week! I don't actually like snow, but it is nice to have on Christmas day for some reason.

I hope everyone has a great New Year! We are going to gammie's house for fondu. I hope to get me a bite of the cheese course. Yummy!

FYI, Tammy snuck me a little piece of macaroon last night. Mmmmm.... macaroon ...

A surfer in Los Angeles is wondering, "Why does everyone want a puggle?" Well dude, I have no clue, but I could venture a guess that it is because the television is telling you to want a puggle. I'm glad my People don't have cable service any more. Those news reporters and commercials can be sneaky! They are good at convincing you that you need stuff you really don't need. And trust me, no one needs a puggle.

Another surfer in Orem, Utah is looking for a chart of food that makes you fart. What a silly thing to search for. Doesn't everyone have this website already bookmarked to quickly access this information? I thought this was pretty common knowledge in the fart savvy community. Well, hopefully now you're all edumacated.

I was a little dismayed the other day when the People put up the Christmas tree, because I have been really bad lately, and I didn't know Christmas was coming already. I fear my recent evil streak will have a negative impact on the number of presents for me under said Christmas tree. Poop ... Yeah, I know, that's what got me into this mess ... So, I still have two weeks until Christmas, and I'm trying really hard not to poop on the floor again until then. We'll see if I can make it.

On a happier note, our Christmas tree this year is the prettiest tree we have ever had! We didn't get a tree last year, because we were moving to Asheville, so I have really missed the ornaments. Tammy puts some on the bottom so I can enjoy them too. Sometimes she even lifts me up so I can see the ones on the top. (She keeps all the nicest ones on the top so I can't break them.) I really like Christmas.

Tammy baked Christmas cookies all this weekend, and I got me a taste of some macaroon. Mmm ... coconut ... She makes a lot of cookies, because she gives them away. Ian helped this year too, but the cookies are still probably good. I'm glad we don't have mice at this house. If you remember from two years ago, mice broke into Tammy's cookies and ate them. It was quite sad. I hope to snag me a couple of those cookies before the season is finished!

In other news, I am shocked by cafepress.com. They have recently sold out to the puggle. Their slogan for this line of products is "The Pure Breed Revolution!" How can they be such hypocrites? Puggle is not a pure breed. Perhaps they are just stupid. Regardless, I am blacklisting cafepress.com until they pull the mixed-breed puggle from their line of Pure Breed dogs!

I am back from my Holiday with Mr. Chris. I had some laughs, there were a few tears, but in the end, I still don't like the Hey Brother Dog. We found out this week that Hey Brother is not mute, he is just foreign, and that's why he hasn't spoken to us yet. However, he has been learning English by listening to us over the past couple months and said his very first words last week. I couldn't quite make out the sentence, due to his thick Indian accent, but it had something to do with me being number one and him being number two or lower. When I left he told me, "Thank you, come again!" I think I will.

Let's answer some Internet search string questions today!

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